SOLID Design Principles


Developers works on developing the applications. But after completing the work, it doesn’t mean that it’ll need any modification. Clients might ask the developers to either change the design or add any new features. For which, they will need to work on already written codes. If the codes are badly written then developers will face challenges while modifying the code.

That’s the problem. In this article we are going to learn how to design good software using the concept of SOLID Design Principles.


Advantages of SOLID Design Principles:

We as a developer need to take care of few points while developing the applications:


A well written or designed codebase helps in making it easy for the developers to modify the code. The code should be easily readable because it helps the developers to understand the existing functionality. Ultimately, they can make the changes without much hassle. SOLID principles provide the way to make the code readable.


It is recommended to write the unit tests for each functionality. It makes sure that everything works as expected when we make any changes to the code. Designing the application better helps in writing the unit tests easily.


Maintaining the projects is of the biggest challenges nowadays. With the increase in demands or with the growth of business, developers need to implement new functionalities to the existing applications. Developers need to design the software in such a way that we can easily make the changes in future.


When something doesn’t work properly then debugging helps in finding the cause of that. But, debugging the badly design codebase is more difficult. SOLID Design principles helps here also.

Flexibility and extensibility

The software should be designed in such a way that it can be adapted to work in different ways. Developers adds extra functionalities when the requirements come from the client. But if the existing functionalities are not designed properly then it might cause unintended errors if we try to add new functionalities. We have SOLID principles which makes the flexibility and extensibility process easier.

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